Veteran adman, Dr. Sandeep Goyal will be releasing book ‘Future Shock’

Bangalore: Veteran adman, Dr. Sandeep Goyal will be releasing ‘Future Shock’ later this week. The book is a ‘future-tense view’ of the post Covid-world, one that has seen cataclysmic changes in just a matter of months.

Dr. Sandeep Goyal, well known advertising and media veteran, has already authored six books, including bestsellers Dum Dum Bullet and Konjo- The Fighting Spirit. Future Shock will be his seventh work. The book will be released by Mr. Sanjay Gupta, Country Head Google India.

The book launch on Saturday, October 24, 2020 will feature interactions with many heavyweights, from across domains and industries, on how they view the future. The interactions will be anchored by business journalist Prasad Sangameshwaran.

Mr. Sanjay Gupta will share his views on The Future of the Future based on his extensive experience in FMCG, broadcast, and in now running Google. Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor will be quizzed on The Future of Food, on eating-out and eating-in, the emergence of home chefs, more. Dr. Shitij Kapur, Pro Vice Chancellor, Melbourne University, one of the world’s best known psychiatrists, will speak on The Future of Health and how this pandemic has redefined the role of frontline workers. Ms. Kath Blackham, CEO Versa, Australia, one of the world’s foremost experts in Conversational AI will chat about The Future of Technology in a ‘touch-free’ world. Prof. Alok K Rai, Vice Chancellor, Lucknow University, will elaborate on The Future of Education, and the dawn of ed-tech. Mr. Praveer Sinha, MD Tata Power will share his views on The Future of the Earth, as the world welcomes e-vehicles and turns more and more to green energy. Last but not the least, Migrant Mahatma Sonu Sood will discuss The Future of Mankind, based on his experiences over the past few months.

Says Dr. Sandeep Goyal, “This book was born in the early days of the pandemic. With the whole world in pause mode, I was asked to write my views on how various domains like travel, health, education and more would be impacted by this virus. Future gazing is never easy. But I tried to combine experiences of the past, with realities of the day, and tried to extrapolate what tomorrow could be like. So immersed did I get into the project that newer and newer perspectives kept getting added on. And now, we have a nice little book that helps cushion a possible Future Shock.”

The book is available for advance booking of copies on Amazon and Flipkart, as also available at all leading book stores.

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