VIBGYOR’s student innovator develops contactless sanitiser in the times of COVID-19

Bengaluru: In keeping with its ideology of blending academics and innovation, and to create a ‘World Ready 2030’, VIBGYOR High – Marathahalli has taken the lead with one of its students innovating a contactless hand sanitiser in the times of ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

VIBGYOR Group of Schools, a leading chain of K-12 schools, has been at the forefront during the lockdown with students across schools taking part in innovative and creative tasks by investing in their talents across their 39 schools across India. VIBGYOR’s vision has always been to nurture young minds by giving them an environment where they can grow intellectually, artistically, and morally.

Nishaad Chachra of Grade 8, developed an automatic and completely contactless hand sanitiser which can be used across airports, railway stations, educational, government institutions and office spaces, keeping in mind Government of India’s social distancing norms amidst COVID-19 pandemic, which has brought India to a standstill.

Nishaad has been learning Robotics design and programming with professional trainers for the past two years. He has completed construction and programming the entire dispenser under four hours. The innovation is powered by an infra-red sensor device which captures human hand movement and executes the command functions accordingly. Nishaad was a participant at the ‘World Robotics Olympiad’ and had reached Nationals last year. The sanitiser is developed from EV3 Mindstorms Lego Set and EV3 software.

Speaking on his interest in developing engineering models, Nishaad Chachra said, “I have always been inclined towards the world of robotics. My school and teachers supported and encouraged my endeavours and allowed me to harness my skills. While the world is going through tough times, this is my contribution to our nation.” His mother Chitra V. Chachra said her son has been learning robotics for quite some time and has been encouraging him to harness his skills. “It is very important to have teachers and mentors to support your children. VIBGYOR teachers have always encouraged him to think different and big.”

VIBGYOR High – Marathahalli, Principal, Mr. Ramesh T. Ramachandran said that VIBGYOR Group of Schools follows a common ideology to go beyond the world of academics and create world ambassadors by blending various dynamics of life, ambitions and professional ethos so that when a student graduates from our institution he is World Ready. Mr. Ramesh said, “We are very proud of Nishaad and his innovation and hope his innovation serves humankind, especially since it is traversing through the most delicate time in history. We, at VIBGYOR, are always looking forward to encouraging such amazing talents and express themselves with path-breaking ideas and innovations.”