Vice President calls for collaboration between musicians & scientists to enhance the harmony of Indian musical instruments

New Delhi: The Vice President Shri M Venkaiah Naidu today called for collaboration between musicians and scientists to enhance the musical harmony of Indian musical instruments.

Launching a monograph on the “Musical Excellence of Mridangam” at a function in Chennai, the Vice President described it as a path-breaking effort in which tools of modern science were brought to bear service to an ancient instrument, Mridangam.

Lauding the authors–eminent Mridangam artiste, Dr.Umayalpuram K Sivaraman, scientists Dr. T. Ramasami and Dr. MD Naresh, he said that the Monograph proved scientifically that our ancestors were able to design, develop and demonstrate musical excellence through human ingenuity.

Shri Naidu said that the book serves three purposes – first, it makes a strong case for collaboration between music and science. Secondly, it opens up new opportunities for future research on Mridangam and lastly, ‘it is an outreach of South Indian music to the global musical community’, he said.

Pointing out that the research presented by the authors might be the very first example of science meeting the technology needs of ancient Indian musical artistes, he called for more such collaborations.

Stating that the combination or the Sangamam of music and science would have a positive multiplier effect, he stressed the need to make the younger generation aware of the great Indian art forms, music and craft.

Pointing out that the Indian system of art, music, medicine and many others were built on the convergence of knowledge, the Vice President said that the world view was slowly converging towards the concept of the interconnectedness of all knowledge systems as envisioned by our thought leaders.

Shri Naidu described the monograph as the footprint of such connectedness without borders and continuation of the Indian tradition of knowledge creation. “It is like an isthmus which connects music and science. It strives to enable but not replace tradition with modernity,” he added.

Lauding the contribution of Shri UmayalpuramSivaraman to Indian music, Shri Naidu said that he was an inspiration to the next generation of artistes for reaching out to methods of science for enhancing Indian musical beauty.

Pointing that the roots of Indian music can be traced to Vedic literature, Sama Veda in particular, he said that every note and cadence associated with our ancient music systems has to be preserved and propagated.

Calling for protecting and preserving Indian Culture, the Vice President said that collective efforts must be made to harness the diversity of Indian culture and classical music to realize the vision of Ek Bharat – Shreshtha Bharat.

Observing that peace could be achieved through Music and Science, Shri Naidu said that they have the power to unite people by transcending all barriers including religion and region. Music provides solace, satisfaction and equilibrium, he added.

Earlier, the Vice President witnessed a spellbinding solo performance of Mridangam maestro Shri UmyalpuramSivaraman at the start of the event.

The Governor of Tamil Nadu, Shri BanwarilalPurohit, Dr.UmayalpuramSivaraman, the Minister for Fisheries and Personnel and Administrative Reforms, Government of Tamil Nadu, Shri Jayakumar, former Secretary of Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, Dr Ramasami, the President of Chennai Music Academy, Shri N Murali were among the dignitaries present on the occasion.