Virtual exhibition “Educational publications of the educational platform” Yurayt “

The subscription of Petrozavodsk State University to the resources of the educational portal “Yurayt” includes a large number of educational publications, which are accompanied by interactive tests.
We bring to your attention the virtual exhibition “Educational editions of the educational platform Yurayt” , which presents a selection of e-books relevant this academic year with tests in various fields of study.

Testing on the educational portal “Yurayt” can be used by teachers in the educational process.

The full texts of the books are placed in the electronic library system “Yurayt”, access to which is provided to students, teachers and staff of PetrSU. Reading books and testing is possible after registering with the EBS.

Consultations on registration and work in the EBS can be obtained at the National Library of PetrSU by e-mail [email protected]