Virtual project of the direction of training “Social work”

On the basis of the Resource Center for Modern Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages ​​(KIYAGN), a joint group virtual project is continuing for those who are studying in the direction of training “Social Work”, dedicated to the social problems of Karelia.
The project is being implemented under the leadership of the head. KIYAGN, Doctor of Philosophy I.E. Abramova and associate professor of the Institute for Nuclear and Nuclear Research, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences. E.P. Shishmolina.

The goals of the project are to draw the attention of students to acute issues of concern to modern society, as well as to promote the development of forms of cooperation and cooperation in the professional field between undergraduates and bachelors.

Participation in a project dedicated to important socially significant topics not only makes you think about the most significant aspects of modern reality, but also contributes to the development of many universal competencies in students, including teamwork skills necessary for a modern specialist.