Vladimir Putin supported the idea of declaring 2023 the Year of Teachers and Mentors

Yekaterina Grishina, a graduate of Moscow school No. 1514, who this year received maximum 400 points at the United State Exam, turned to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a proposal to declare 2023 the Year of Teachers and Mentors. The President supported the initiative.

Vladimir Putin spoke with members of the public – school and university teachers, alumni, students and their parents. At the meeting, the issues of the development of general education were discussed.

“In 2023 we will celebrate the 200th anniversary of Ushinsky – he is one of the founders of the Russian pedagogy. We need to do this: declare 2023 the Year of the Teacher,” the President of Russia said.

The head of state noted that it is necessary to support those who embark on a career in education. Therefore, certain measures have already been taken in this direction, for example, senior students can start working at school.

“What a modern school should be like: its infrastructure, equipment, level of education, organization of out-of-school education, sports sections – all this is important. Here, not only the work of the teacher is important, but also the participation of the students themselves and, of course, parents. Because only common affairs can create a school in which it is interesting to study, which is attractive for its capabilities in revealing the talent of children, in preparing them for adulthood,” said Vladimir Putin.