President of Russia supported the idea of including the “Russia – My History” Parks in the National Project “Education”

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with representatives of the public: school and university teachers, alumni, students and their parents. The issues of the development of general education were discussed.

The head of state noted the high potential of the “Russia – My History” Parks for the younger generation, and also pointed out the need to develop a system of historical parks and transfer them to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education.

“The idea is very correct, I fully support it. Of course, the National Project “Education” should include both the topic itself and what is being created. I do not see any difficulties in order to implement this proposal. As for the Career guidance project “Ticket to the Future” – this is an extremely important component of all work, because nothing is more important than choosing a path in life.” the President of Russia noted.

A large-scale project for vocational guidance of schoolchildren “Ticket to the Future” has started in historical parks. Using the capabilities of interactive historical parks, schoolchildren will be able to discover a variety of professions in a game format with the help of simulators and multimedia technologies.

“We work closely with the “Russia – My History” Parks and in terms of career guidance we receive a lot of positive feedback from children, schoolchildren and teachers who visit this park. Moreover, the new exposition is dedicated to the role of the teacher in the history of Russia. We support these proposals,” said Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Sergey Kravtsov.