Wageningen students present outlook on future food systems in Stinger Dome

In ten years, what will be changed about the way we grow, produce, process, transport, prepare and consume our food? And what will be different in the way these activities impacted our society, incomes, environment, and climate following the COVID-19 pandemic? Students of Wageningen University & Research developed short films with their outlook on food systems in the period 2020-2030. Team SeaweedSensing won the jury award and team CROP won the audience award.

Worldwide, people are affected in the way they have access to food, the way they consume food or the way they perceive the impact of their behaviour on the economy, environment, and society. Vulnerabilities and dilemmas that are already present are exposed and aggravated by COVID-19. To what extent could our future food systems cope with these challenges? And who should be involved in implementing and supporting the changes we need?

Food System in 10 years Challenge

In the ‘Food system in 10 years Challenge’ WUR students were challenged to think about the necessary changes AND about a way to visualize these changes in the food system to convince other people to support. Focussing on the changes in the way we grow, produce, process, transport, prepare, and consume our food. And the way these activities impacted our society, incomes, environment, and climate.

On 7 December 2020 seven student teams travelled 10 years into the future. In Stinger Dome, on the World Food Centre grounds, they creatively exhibited their reflections on the period of 2020-2030 in the form short 2,5-minute films. A skilled jury assessed the presentations and asked question while people watching from home could enjoy the presentations via a live stream and voted for the winners of the audience award.

The jury consisted of Channah Durlacher (media consultant, WUR), Leon Meijer (Municipality Ede), Melchert Meijer zu Schlochteren (film maker, Greendocs Film & National History Unit NL) and Roland van der Vorst (innovation specialist, Rabobank)