Wonderchef supports SPACE foundation for distressed animals

Mumbai: The Covid crisis has hit us all in unexpected ways. One thing however that escapes notice is the impact it has had on the voiceless animals. Unbeknown to many, a number of owners have abandoned their pets for reasons varying from fear of infection to affordability and migration.
Thousands of stray cats and dogs in each city also depend on food and waste from markets, restaurants and grocery shops. But with such establishments shutting down, strays are having a hard time finding food. The lockdown has been disproportionately harsh on these animals as humans have retreated into hiding, and restaurants, roadside eateries and teashops have shut.
SPACE foundation for animal shelter has been doing a remarkable job in rescuing distressed animals and providing care for hundreds of mute animals. They take end-to-end care from feeding of animals to their medical requirements, in their shelter at Karjat.
Wonderchef is proud to have associated with SPACE in this endeavour. Mr. Ravi Saxena, Managing Director, Wonderchef says, “In the spirit of unity against COVID-19 we have pledged our full support to SPACE which will help distressed animals get better care. We wish to ensure proper animal feed and medicines. Some funds would also be used for re-construction of the shelter that was damaged during Nisarg cyclone. It is very critical to create a zone where animals, humans and environment can co-exist. Animals add a little more joy and love in this world. Let’s do our bit in giving them a little bit of the same care and affection that they selflessly shower on us.”
Wonderchef has set the balls rolling and would also be inviting its friends and partners to participate in this beautiful initiative.