World University of Design collaborates with IIT Delhi to organises an International conference on Functional Textiles & Clothing


New Delhi: The World University of Design (WUD) in association with The Textile Department of IIT Delhi organised International Conference on Functional Textiles & Clothing 2018 in the capital. The conference took place from 10th – 11th February at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in New Delhi. The Conference was aimed to encourage design, innovation and product development activities amongst the youth.

The conference was addressed by leading voices from the industry and academia who gave their expert insights on cutting edge technologies, innovations, trends, concerns, challenges and opportunities in the field of Functional and Smart textiles and Clothing. Topics of the conference include – Protective Textiles and Clothing Medical Textiles and Clothing Athletic, Extreme Sports & Military Applications Smart, Functional & Interactive Textiles, Workwear, Surface Functionalization and Coatings, Textile and Clothing Machinery, CAD, CAE Technologies & Mass Customization, Garment Design and Manufacturing, Advanced Manufacturing, Innovative Fashion Design Methodologies, Comfort Science, Education and Training, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Supply chain Management, Sustainable Production, Recycling. Over 170 researchers from over 80 universities/ institutions worldwide presented their work at the conference.

Prof. V Ramgopal Rao, Director IIT gave the presidential address to the esteemed gathering. Prof Vladan Koncar, Professor and Head of Research, ENSAIT, France delivered the key note address.

Dr Sanjay Gupta, Vice Chancellor of World University of Design said “The conference focuses on innovation in textiles and fashion. Papers were presented at the conference in different areas of Functional Textiles and Fashion Design, Sustainability etc. If we look at any commercialized innovation, new product or design, it is always the combination of technology & design that makes it into a product which the consumer finds good to wear, to use or to apply. Along with the technical innovation, the product also needs the empathy of a designer for it to take shape. The conference is an attempt to bring together scientists and engineers on one end with designers and innovators on the other.”

Prof Vladan Koncar, Professor and Head of Research, ENSAIT (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles) said, “I congratulate World University of Design in taking this initiative of bringing together such a large group of researchers together in the fast emerging field of functional clothing. Research and development in these areas is now at par with other high-tech industrial sectors and the innovations are finding applications in casual and fashion clothing thus integrating the fields of technology, design and fashion. India with its excellent manufacturing, research & design capabilities is ideally placed to take advantage of this development. ”

Mr Ramgopal Rao, Director at IIT, Delhi said, “In textile while there are lots of things that are required to happen in technology, there are two things which are not happening. First thing is that the industries are not interacting with researchers. There is so much happening in terms of technology development but the industry does not come forward. The second issue is a manifestation of this, where the students are not excited to do work in textiles for lack of challenges. Textiles will go through a major transformation in coming future but the industries in India are all very traditional.

One of the things which we need to do therefore is to have more of start-up activities around textiles. For Example, Textiles department have launched a product Genes with Nano coating which are anti-bacterial & stain resistant. To inform students about the opportunity in textiles and what sort of start-up opportunities exist is the need of the hour. Connecting students with these innovations and industries is important.”

In addition to technical papers, the conference has announced Innovation Contests for students in Textile and Fashion Products. There was poster contest for students. Manufacturers dealing in functional products, smart textiles, wearables and other such products were displayed in the exhibition.