Worldline India partners with Bank of India to digitise payment collection services for Panvel City Municipal Corporation

Mumbai – Worldline, a global leader in payment services, has partnered with Bank of India (BOI) to digitise several kinds of citizen-centric services, fines and tax collections for Panvel City Municipal Corporation (PMC).


With this development, citizens of PMC can make payments via credit and debit cards towards services like birth / death registration certificates, marriage registration certificates, assessment fee, transfer fee, license fee, NOC, electricity meter license, and daily charges among others. In addition, PMC is also empowered to collect municipal tax and fines related to Covid19 regulations, sanitization, encroachment, plastic ban and solid waste management fines from citizens.

Bank of India Android POS Terminal powered by Worldline was tendered to Shri. Ganesh Deshmukh, Panvel Municipal Commissioner by Shri. Rajendra Kokate, Deputy Zonal Manager, Bank of India and Shri. Gulshan Pruthi, EVP, Worldline to mark the launch of e-collection services.

Shri. Ganesh Deshmukh, Panvel Municipal Commissioner, said,

“Digitalization of payment collection services by Bank of India for PMC will not only bring convenience to the citizens but also to the PMC staff as it helps in moving to an automated process and avoid cumbersome manual challan/receipt processes. In addition, the digital collection of taxes and fines brings transparency in the ecosystem and builds confidence among citizens. We are happy to work with Bank of India and Worldline to extend digital collection services for the citizens of PMC and will continue to introduce such innovative solutions in future.”


Shri. Rajendra Kokate, Deputy Zonal Manger, Bank of India, said,

“Digitization will help Panvel Municipal Corporation (PMC) in enhancing the transparency and avoiding cash payments. Bank of India has provided end-to-end solution right from the collection to real-time dashboard which has automated the process and will ensure efficiency at each level of users. With this initiative with  PMC, we look forward to extend all kinds of banking services by leveraging our wide presence in Maharashtra”

Shri. Gulshan Pruthi, EVP, Worldline India said,

Worldline has been at the forefront of the digital revolution that is shaping new ways of making payments. In our endeavor towards building a less-cash society, we are teaming up with partner banks and government associations to drive digital payments acceptance across the country. We are thrilled to offer the convenience of making digital payments to the citizens of Panvel Municipal Corporation with our long-term trusted partner – Bank of India.”