Zhejiang University: Zhejiang University establishes Institute for Common Prosperity and Development

On June 6, the inauguration ceremony of the Zhejiang University Institute for Common Prosperity and Development and the Summit on Common Prosperity were held on Zijingang Campus.

Institute for Common Prosperity and Development, jointly established by the School of Public Affairs and the School of Economics, will implement the concept of shared development and common prosperity. On the basis of the current situation of economic transformation and development, it will explore the path of China’s social and economic development, the pattern of income and wealth distribution, and the law regarding fair sharing of development achievements. It will also explain the theory of common prosperity, pay close attention to the process of common prosperity nationwide and province-wide, and contribute wisdom and strength to realizing the goal of common prosperity by means of top-notch studies.

Keynote speakers at the Summit included SONG Xiaowu, director of the Academic Committee of China Society of Economic Reform, JIA Kang, dean of China Academy of New Supply-side Economics, ZHENG Yongnian, Presidential Chair Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and LI Shi, co-director of the Institute for Common Prosperity and Development.

“The overall goal of the Institute is to produce high-level theoretical achievements revolving around the notion of common prosperity. It aims at exploring approaches to set up common prosperity demonstration areas, integrating research resources and cultivating a multi-disciplinary cohort,” YAO Xianguo, co-directorof the Institute for Common Prosperity and Development, said in an interview.

Just two weeks ago, Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Gongshang University jointly released 2021 China Common Prosperity Index Model, covering three dimensions of development, sharing and sustainability to build a set of scientific evaluation system for common prosperity.