25,000 physiotherapists celebrate World Physiotherapy Day with HealthCare at HOME

New Delhi: HealthCare atHOME celebrates and raises awareness around the crucial role played by physiotherapists in rehabilitating patients by keeping them well, mobile and independent. As among leaders of India’s home health care industry, HealthCare atHome (HCAH) promotes, encourages and empowers physiotherapists across India with their nationwide campaign.

HealthCare atHOME engages close to 25,000 physiotherapists from across in India in multiple online and on-ground engagements.

The highlight of the campaign is India’s first multi-city National Annual Symposia to celebrate WCPT World Physiotherapist Day (NASOW) in 2018. A five-city symposium, HCAH NASOW 2018 in its first edition saw the participation of nearly 16,000 physiotherapists from across India in Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. Commenting on the tremendous response of physiotherapists, Dr Gagan Kapoor, Head of Physiotherapist Services at HCAH says, “HCAH NASOW is India’s first series of physiotherapy symposia whose discussion topics are crowdsourced. We did a survey among ~500 physiotherapists to understand which issues they would need guidance on. Basis their feedback, NASOW’s first edition’s theme is Continual Quality Improvement in Physiotherapy Practice. HCAH has always believed in empowering healthcare professionals. Through this nationwide campaign, we aim to provide career counselling, guidance and employment opportunities to physiotherapists across India.”

Experts from the field of physiotherapy like Dr. Aarti Prasad, head of Physiotherapy Department, Ramakrishan Hospital in Bangalore; Dr. Health Matthews, head of department of sports medicine, H N Reliance Hospital in Mumbai; Dr. Yashesh Paliwal, head of critical care unit at Fortis Hospital in Anandpur, Kolkata and many more associated with HCAH as speakers in NASOW.

Dr. Gagan Kapoor also organized and led nationwide counselling sessions for physiotherapists across India through Facebook Live. Close to 5,000 physiotherapists participated in the live counselling sessions. Hundreds of queries posted by physiotherapists from all parts of the country were addressed by leading physiotherapy experts.

Vivek Srivastava, Co-Founder and CEO of HCAH said, “At HCAH, we believe that role of physical therapy experts in the treatment of injured, differently abled and in many cases – post-surgery patients are instrumental but often physiotherapy profession does not receive the respect and renown that it deserves. Through our national campaign on World Physiotherapy Day, we wish to bring physiotherapy under the spotlight, spread awareness around the crucial role played by physiotherapists for patient rehabilitation and to improve the clinical credibility as well. We encourage young physiotherapists and empower them to make informed choices for their career. These activities are designed and executed with the objective of giving a platform to physiotherapists across India to network with each other and get required guidance for their career.”

HCAH’s Physio Mastermind Contest is another key activity of the campaign. Close to 200 young physiotherapists shared abstracts of their dissertations with HCAH which are being evaluated by a team of physiotherapy experts. The winners will be recognized and honoured by HCAH.

India’s leading home healthcare solution provider, HealthCare atHOME, has given a boost to physiotherapy as a career by making physiotherapy more accessible for patients by providing physiotherapy solutions at patient homes. HealthCare atHOME also provides high-end training and knowledge up gradation to their physiotherapists. Their nationwide campaign on World Physiotherapy Day shows their commitment to the cause of promoting physiotherapists and physiotherapy as a profession in India.