A new direction of study at the Institute of Forestry, Mining and Construction Sciences

This year, a new training profile “Operation and technical service of transport and technological machines” in the direction of “Agroengineering” is being opened at the ILCSN PetrSU. The director of the Institute of Forest, Mining and Construction Sciences Vadim Mikhailovich Kostyukevich spoke about the specifics of the direction.
The direction “Agroengineering” is traditional for Petrozavodsk University. It is the successor to the specialty “Agricultural Mechanization”. To date, this direction has significantly changed its content. In 2021, within the framework of the direction, admission to the new profile “Operation and technical service of transport and technological machines” will be conducted . Thus, this direction turns out to be very close in content to the direction “Operation of transport and technological machines and complexes”.

The introduction of a new profile is due to the fact that in the direction of “Operation of transport and technological machines and complexes” in 2021 there are no budgetary places in PetrSU, therefore those who wish to receive training in the market-demanded field of technical service and operation of cars and other machines can do this , having entered the direction of “Agroengineering”.

The new program focuses not on specialized agricultural machinery, but on general-purpose machines (cars and tractors) that work both in agriculture and in other industries. Graduates of the program will receive a more versatile training.

The graduate’s activities will be related to transport and technological machines used in agriculture, fisheries and most other sectors of the economy, as well as enterprises and organizations that operate them.

This is an urgent direction today due to the presence of a large park of technological machines, trucks and personal vehicles operated in Russia and in other countries, as well as to the accelerated economic growth of agriculture and fishery and related industries in Russia.

Students get acquainted with the theory of the car, modern methods of calculating and designing machines and technological equipment, diagnostic complexes, organization of maintenance and repair, service maintenance of modern cars and trucks, tractors. They get acquainted with the latest scientific and technical achievements in the field of arrangement, operation and repair of modern domestic and foreign machines, acquire strong skills in working on personal computers, study new technologies and control systems, including those using microprocessors, nanotechnologies. They get acquainted with the basics of organization and management of technical services of agricultural and fish farming complexes, food industry enterprises, car services.

– Where does the internship for future specialists take place?

The practice takes place both in the educational laboratories of PetrSU (in the first years), and at the operating industrial enterprises of the Republic of Karelia and other regions.

In the training and production center of the Institute of Forestry, Mining and Construction Sciences, for the practice of students, there is a training laboratory – a complete vehicle maintenance station (STO). In the Engineering Park of the Institute, there is an operating production, the products of which are various equipment, devices and devices for fish farming and aquaculture enterprises.

– Where can graduates of this direction find work?

Employment is possible in engineering and administrative positions in the service system of enterprises in the transport sector, timber industry, agriculture, fisheries, food industry, agricultural complexes, etc., as well as managers at various enterprises, in design and research institutions, in educational institutions.


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