Bharath Hospital & Institute of Oncology in association with Pink Hope foundation celebrates the spirit of cancer patients this World Cancer Day

Mysore: Bharath Hospital and Institute of Oncology in association with the Pink Hope patient support group marked the world cancer day by organizing interaction between the cancer survivors and patients to boost their morale and understand their cancer journey. A group of 20 cancer survivors from the Pink Hope group interacted with the cancer patients and shared their experiences by giving strength and hope to the cancer patients.

Cancer brings along not just the disease but issues that are emotional and financial. Patients are often caught in a whirlpool of emotions and confusion. Some people experience shock, anger, and disbelief. Others may feel intense sadness, fear, and a sense of loss. Sometimes even the most supportive family members and friends cannot understand exactly how it feels to have cancer.


The pink hope support group encourages people to discuss about their experiences with others living with cancer, which can help them bounce back to life. Group members can share feelings and experiences that may seem too strange or too difficult to share with family and friends. Being a part of a group often create a sense of belonging that helps each person feel more understood and less alone.


The support group members talked about practical information like what to expect during treatment, how to manage pain and other side effects of treatment, and how to communicate with the health care team and family members. Exchanging information and advice may provide a sense of control and reduce feelings of helplessness.


Ms. Devaki, a breast cancer survivor said “Our aim is to support cancer survivors and give patients the hope of revival. It takes a lot of positivity and determination to fight the disease. Through this group, we (cancer survivors) can support cancer patients and spread positivity around them. Awareness is the key, if more survivors speak about the disease, it instills confidence in thousands of cancer patients, that there is a life after cancer and it can be managed.”

“Cancer is no longer a death sentence. Prevention, early detection and treatment can save millions of lives, yet, many people around the world still lack awareness. Fighting cancer is a battle and one needs to be positive. I thrived all the hurdles and today I’m a winner, celebrating my life today” said Ms. Sharada, a cervical cancer survivor.


Ms. Nirmala Krishna Murthy, Chief Operating Officer, BHIO said “As specialist in cancer care, we understand the role of moral support, encouragement and confidence building in cancer patients during their treatments. It is important to celebrate this day because we need to spread awareness about the disease and that it is curable. Thus, this is a perfect opportunity for all survivors not only to celebrate with their loved ones but also to share their stories of hope to others and giving them strength”.