Bharti Foundation mobilizes more than 1,00,000 rural children to support “Swacchata Hi Seva 2018” movement


New Delhi: More than 1,00,000 students, 4500 teachers along with local community members, today took the “Cleanliness Pledge” in the ceremony organized by Bharti Foundation in 254 Satya Bharti Schools and more than 300 Government schools, supported by Satya Bharti Quality Support Program, across550 villages in11 states. The ceremony marked the start of the year-long initiatives by Satya Bharti Programs, to support“Swachhata Hi Sewa 2018” movement, initiated by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.
The pledge ceremonywas organized to energize students to pursue hygiene habits in their lifestyle and maintain the cleanlinessin their surroundings. The ceremony was followed by“Awareness Rallies”conductedby Satya Bharti School studentsintheir villageswith message ofcleanliness, sanitation and hygiene. Bharti Foundation also launched a manual on “School Swachhataand Hygiene Education” andformed a10 memberstudentcommitteeacross 254 schoolsto raise awareness on the best practices of cleanliness and hygiene.
Speaking on the occasionMr. Vijay Chadda, CEO,Bharti Foundation said“I congratulate all students, teachers and other staff members for being part of the Cleanliness drive and awareness campaign in their respective schools. We believe that education can empower children to become the real agents of change and therefore the Satya Bharti School students are not only encouraged to follow cleanliness and hygiene practices but also to spread awareness, change mindsets and proactively take up such cleanliness drives.”
The yearlong initiatives bySatya Bharti Programs, will encourage the students and teachers to spread the awareness on sanitation and hygiene by using diverse channels of communication, ranging from interactive banners to energetic rallies. The initiative will be further strengthened and scaled up by celebrating all important days related to cleanliness and including “Swacchata”themes in school events like Rang Tarang, Sports Day, Independence Day and Republic Day this year till 2nd October 2019.
BhartiFoundation has been working in the area of rural sanitation since 2014. The Foundation’s program‘Satya Bharti Abhiyan’ achieved the distinction of having delivered more than 18,000 household toilets and continues to work with Department of Water Supply and Sanitation, Amritsar to encourage the community to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the toilets.In 2015, the concerted efforts of Satya Bharti School students resulted in building of 3100 toilets in a period of 6 months.Under its Satya Bharti Quality Support Program, Bharti Foundation hasempowered student leaders of Government schools to undertake community as well as school-based cleanliness campaigns.