Bhopal Literature and Art Festival 2020 begins with launch of 3 books

Bhopal : Inaugurating the Bhopal Literature and Art Festival 2020 at Bharat Bhavan today, the Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath said that Madhya Pradesh especially Bhopal is an epicenter of Literature and Art. Bhopal is the most suitable place for the festival of Art and Literature. He further mentioned that Madhya Pradesh will be recognized by its intellectual competence. The new identity of Madhya Pradesh has to be established, he added.

The Chief Minister said that India is known for its diversity. In this sense, no country can match India. It has been a confluence of cultures. India’s cultural identity is made up of tolerance and brotherhood. It is the responsibility of all intellectuals, artists and writers to protect it. The attack on this identity means an attack on India. He said that the Bhopal Literature and Art Festival will be held with even more grandeur in the coming years. He said that mutual cooperation of intellectuals and common citizens is essential to make Bharat Bhavan productive.

Referring to the activeness and intellectual efficiency of the Chief Minister, the Former Union Minister for Environment and Writer Shri Jairam Ramesh said that Bharat Bhavan will regain its lost glory in his leadership. The Minister for Culture Dr. Vijayalaxmi Sadho stated that the government and society together will give new heights to the art world. This is not possible without mutual cooperation. She further mentioned that the Literature and Art Festival was inaugurated on International Hindi Day. Dr. Sadho said that the memories of Indira Gandhi are connected with the Bharat Bhavan of Bhopal.

The Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath launched collection of stories titling ‘One for Sorrow-Two for Joy’ of the Former Chief Secretary and Current Chairman of RERA Shri Antony DeSa, book titling ‘Breathless’ written by the Journalist Shri Deshdeep Saxena on Tigers’ life and picture book on life of Mahatma Gandhi ‘Gandhi ek Sachitra Jeevni’ by Shri Pramod Kapoor.

The Chief Minister inaugurated the exhibition focusing photos of Renowned Film Makers and Photographers Shri Rajesh and Narendra Bedi. He honoured Sushri Subhangi Swaroop with Sushila Devi Award, instituted for promoting women litterateurs in English writing. The Director of the Bhopal Literature and Art Festival Shri Raghav Chandra briefed about the activities to be held in the next three days on literature and arts and shed light on its objectives. He said that the legendary writers of the country are also participating in the festival. Discussion will be held on various subjects during the next three days. The festival was inaugurated with the Mangal Gayan presented by the famous Classical Singer Sushri Kalapini Komkali. The Magsaysay Award winner Shri Rajendra Singh was especially present on the occasion. The Secretary of the festival Sushri Meera Das proposed the vote of thanks.

Books released

Shri Antony DeSa while describing about short stories collection in brief said that it has been divided into three parts. The theme of the first part is ‘Naari’ the focal point of the second is Goa and the theme of the third part is the famous English poems. The book ‘Breathless’ of Shri Deshdeep Saxena highlights on the life crisis of tigers. This book illustrates sensitivity towards life of tigers. Shri Parmod Gandhi’s book is a photo journey of Gandhiji’s personal life.