One year of conservation of culture and ancient heritage

Bhopal : Apart from being the heart of the country, Madhya Pradesh is also rich in various regional and traditional culture, art and archaeology. This invaluable identity of the state was in the blind run for development during last few years. The Kamal Nath government, in its initial one year, has made several efforts to re-establish this identity as well as to conserve and protect it.

The new government revived the tradition of awards and honours in the field of literature, painting, theatre, etc. which was stalled for the past several years. Awards for Urdu literature along with Hindi were also established during this period. People of various fields were conferred with the Rajya Shikhar Samman. It was also decided to organise Lata Mangeshkar Alankaran Samaroha with full grandeur. On the occasion of State Foundation Day, a glorious cultural programme was organized at Bhopal and district headquarters.

Remembering legends

The state government has also remembered and paid respects to the great men who were instrumental in building the new India. The 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, is being celebrated throughout the year. During this period, creative activities are being undertaken at every level to apprise the society, especially the younger generation with Gandhiji’s personality and work. Similarly, the 130th birth anniversary of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of the country, is also being celebrated throughout the year. Messages of these great men were spread from village to village, door to door. This instilled a sense of patriotism in the society. The younger generation was given new thinking and new direction.

The entire ancient heritage of the state was preserved in museums. Honours were awarded for outstanding work in the field of archaeology. The process of felicitating archaeologists for their contribution in this area was completed. A plan was prepared for documenting and preserving the painted rock formations of primitive man. The ancient temples in Khandwa, Shahdol and Sehore districts were beautified by cleaning them with scientific method.

Many ancient monuments have been transformed by maintenance works. 18 major monuments were upgraded in the state. About 3 lakh documents of significance from historical point of view were digitalized. Students, researchers and the general public were connected with creative activities on the occasion of World Heritage Day April 18, World Museum Day May 18, Independence Day August 15, Gandhi Jayanti on 2 October and World Heritage Week 19 to 25 November through painting competitions, exhibition, workshop, lectures, musical programmes and various publications.

Protection of regional culture

Efforts were also started to preserve regional culture in Madhya Pradesh. Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath declared the year 2020 as the year of Gond arts during the Madhya Pradesh Foundation Day celebrations. Gond art’s annual activities started in the state. With this, paintings made by Gond tribal painters of the state will be displayed in the country and abroad. The artistic talent of other tribals living in Madhya Pradesh is also being encouraged. A regular series of programmes are going on in the Tribal Museum, Bhopal.

The state government has patronized the different cultures of Malwa, Nimar, Vindhya, Chambal, Bundelkhand and Mahakoshal regions. Art platforms were provided to artists of regional dialects. Efforts were started to elevate the cultural image of the state at the national-international level.

Initiative to fulfill promises on priority

The state government started the initiative to fulfill the promises in its manifesto on priority. A provision of Rs. 2 crore was made for the establishment of an institute in memory of Ustad Alauddin Khan in Maihar of Satna district. It was decided to celebrate the Baiju Bawra Music Festival every year on the lines of the Tansen Festival. Monthly pension to litterateurs, preservation of works of state’s artists of Fine Arts, literature, plays, paintings, music, singing, instruments etc. and the tradition of organizing felicitation ceremonies at district and state level in the name of different regions of the state was introduced.

Action was initiated to establish Gondi painting centre and awards in memory of Dr. Shivamangal Singh Suman, Dushyant Kumar, Balkavi Bairagi, Iqbal, Vitthalbhai Patel etc. New awards were introduced to reward budding singers. The decision to start a scheme to provide musical instrument kits to music groups of rural areas is also under consideration. From the year 2020, honorarium of Rs 21 thousand each will be given to encourage tribal and Dalit writers.

Promotion of art groups

Artists and institutions will be encouraged to conserve songs, musical instruments, costumes, paintings, wood arts etc. associated with tribal folk life. Kala Mandalis have been awarded for preserving the tradition of Harbolon and Aalha in the state. An amount of Rs 2 crores was sanctioned for the construction of a museum after martyr Shankarshah. Action has also been taken for organizing fairs in Nimar, Malwa, Bundelkhand, Baghelkhand, Mahakaushal and Chambal areas. A portal was launched for the preservation of songs and poems of local languages ​​of the tribal community. It has been decided to give an opportunity to the unknown artists from far-flung areas in the state to display their talents on stage in music and art. Now art, culture and their carriers are being recognized in the state.