Conference to Look at Solutions for Pollution, Sustainable Future

New Delhi: National and international experts in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and other fields will look at ways to make the future more sustainable and manage rural-urban challenges at an event to be organized at IIHMR University in Jaipur. The event will participation from Dr Ram Narain of Kokilaben Hospital, Dr. Anoop Daga, Director Program, AIIMS, New Delhi, Col. (Dr.) Sajal Sen (Retd.), Vice President – Columbia Asia Healthcare [North], Dr. (Maj Gen.) S. C. Pareek, Medical Director Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital, Soham Wagh, Senior Marketing Manager, GSK Classic and Established Products (C&EP)COE, ArunDatta, Cofounder and HR Director, Doctor.e Health Services Pvt Ltd. Hospital, etc.

The three day event, called Pradanya, will delve on the topic SMART- S for Sustainable Design And Healthcare, M For Managing Change in Disruptive Times, A for Analytics Mobility and the Cloud, R For Rurban Challenges and Opportunities and T for Technology Innovation and Well Being. Pradanya is the much coveted annual event of the University where the theme this year is ‘Imagining Sustainable Futures’.

“We put our heads together to look at the challenges being faced by the society and find out lasting solutions keeping all stakeholders in mind. This year the theme is ‘Imagining Sustainable Futures’ in which we will come up with ideas for making the future more sustainable. We have eminent speakers who have confirmed their participation in the event,” said Dr Vivek Bhandari, President, IIHMR University.

The college has been holding the event for the past 21 years. This year, it will be the 22nd edition of the event.
Sustainable Design and Healthcare will one of the important components of the conference. Sustainable Design is a robust concept that has proven its worth across a range of different industries including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, agriculture and has shaped important policy initiatives.

Managing Change in Disruptive Times is another session to watch out for as the world faces unprecedented global challenges caused by the parallel emergence of multiple disruptive forces. Rapid advances in genomics, computational sciences and technologies are changing the fundamental values.

Analytics, Mobility and The Cloud will be the third important component of the event. As a developing country, India is undertaking significant initiatives to encourage the use of analytics across all sectors and industries. In healthcare, a trend suggests that the country has lagged behind in the adoption of analytics and utilization of data. Government bodies and policy makers are gradually acknowledging the potential of analytics proposes in all areas. This is especially true for clinical, financial and operational systems.

Rurban Challenges and Opportunities is another important part of the conference. Recent population projections reveal that India will be 50% urban by 2031. This means that migration and the development of smart cities is likely to happen. The question is: Do we really need that? India is a huge country and requires an abundance if funds for making a city smart and at the same time we have other issues like malnutrition, poverty, illiteracy, employment and health problems. We should emphasize more on creating smart people instead of smart cities, making people aware of what is happening in and around the world.

Technology, Innovation and Wellbeing will be the last important component of the event. It has been included in the conference as technology paves the path for research today, which focuses on value creation of platforms and two-sided markets; development and execution of innovative strategies; development of new markets through the creation of disruptive innovations. In the healthcare sector, everything from new artificial hearts to electronic aspirin are becoming more effective and cost-effective for patients looking for care.

22nd Annual Conference – Pradanya 2017 on “Imagining Sustainable Futures”
Smart and innovative systems are critical for driving transformative change in all fields. They provide the institutional framework for organizations to synergize the relationship between the demand and supply sides. As the world hurtles towards an uncertain if exciting future, the growing integration of services will provide professionals in healthcare, pharmaceutical companies, and the rural development sector to better address the needs of multiple stakeholders. It is critical that as we look ahead, we are able to “Imagine Sustainable Futures” by designing Sustainable Health Systems, Managing Change in Disruptive Times, adopting Analytics, Mobility, and the Cloud, and resolve Rurban Challenges, by using Technology and Innovation! Through SMART innovations, we can transform the world in wonderful ways.