Pramati Technology announces support for Face ID facial recognition technology on the iPhone X

Chennai: Hyderabad-based Pramati Technologies, a global leader in software products and services, has just announced the integration of support for Face ID in ThumbSignIn, its biometric authentication platform. The addition comes on the heels of the iPhone X’s facial ID recognition system that has already created a big impact on the mobile biometrics industry.

ThumbSignIn, which was introduced in July this year, is a mobile and web SaaS platform that enables enterprises and service providers to deploy strong authentication solutions, which eliminate reliance on passwords and ensure robust security. Now, Pramati will provide its existing and new customers a free upgrade of its ThumbSignIn SDK, enabling them to add face recognition-based authentication to their consumer portals and enterprise apps. This means ThumbSignIn end users who upgrade to the iPhone X will now be able to log in to their enterprise systems using Face ID, like they already do using their fingerprints.

“The new Face ID support feature in ThumbSignIn is a part of Pramati’s continuing mission to make Internet services more secure. We believe that strong authentication mechanisms will inevitably become ubiquitous. Apple’s launch of Face ID corroborates our conviction that this paradigm shift is real and irreversible,” said Vijay Pullur, co-founder and president of Pramati.