India’s National Education Policy is Transformational: CEO, ETS


NEW DELHI :  On the occasion of India’s 75th anniversary of Independence, Amit Sevak, CEO, of Educational Testing Service (ETS), congratulated all Indians, through a special video address.


Talking about his connection with India, Sevak said, “India has always been close to my heart as both of my parents are proud Gujaratis. Growing up, they instilled in me the Indian values of learning and hard work. I spent considerable time in India both as a child and as an adult, so I was able to witness the country’s stunning economic transformation, thanks to which millions upon millions of families have stepped through the door toward a better life.”


Amit is of Indian origin and has recently taken up the reigns as the seventh President and CEO of ETS, the world’s largest private nonprofit educational testing and assessment organization.

Speaking about the role of education in India’s revolutionary journey, he said, “One of the keys to this economic transformation has of course been India’s deep and long-standing commitment to learning. Today for example, around 40 million Indians are in higher education, more than the figure for The United States and the European Union combined and the ambitious new education policy seeks to double that number. It is a lofty goal, but I have no doubt that it is achievable.”


Amit will be visiting India in September, for the first time since his appointment as CEO of ETS. In his video address, he said, “It will be a very special trip for me. I am looking forward to being back in a country that has had such a formative influence on my thinking and on my career and by sheer coincidence ETS also celebrates its 75th birthday this year.”


Emphasizing on ETS’s commitment to India, Amit shared, “I am delighted to say that serving India is one of our top global priorities and we are investing in helping more and more Indians than ever before access college both at home and around the world.”


In his concluding remarks, he said, “Last year, ETS formed a brand-new Indian subsidiary to help carry out this vision. It is an exciting time for education in India and we at ETS want to do whatever we can to support these vital developments. After all, it was no less a figure than Mahatma Gandhi who advised ‘Learn as if you will live forever.’ Happy Independence Day!”


Here is link to his complete video message:


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