JMI starts Online Refresher Course in Human Rights & Social Inclusion

The UGC-HRDC, Jamia Millia Islamia(JMI) and Department of Political Science, JMI today
jointly started a two-week long Online Refresher Course in Human Rights & Social Inclusion which will continue till 19th September 2020.
Prof Anisur Rahman, Director, UGC- HRDC, JMI welcomed the Chief Guest, other dignitaries and participants and briefed about the significance of the course.
Prof. Najma Akhtar, Vice-Chancellor, JMI was the Chief Guest of the inaugural function which teachers from different universities & colleges including JMI and experts who
will be delivering lectures during the course.
While addressing the participants Prof. Akhtar said “I hope that this course has been designed in such a way that this would be profoundly beneficial for all of you not only for enhancing your theoretical understanding but also sensitizing you. After attending this course, you will be well equipped to impart the same to your students who would be educated to work for bringing social justice and equality in our society”.
Prof. Bulbul Dhar James, Department of Political Science, JMI is the Coordinator of the course.
She gave a brief outline about the topics and issues that will be discussed in different sessions during the online course.
During the two-week course a number of issues related to human rights will be discussed in various sessions like; Growth of Human Rights: An Overview , Conceptual Framework of Human rights and Social Justice, Custodian of Rights: NHRC, Natural Rights to Human Rights, Theories of Rights Developments and Criticisms, New Social Movements and Human Rights, Discourse on Rights in India, Debates and Dilemmas, Dalit Assertion and Social Inclusion, Citizenship and Human Rights, Human Rights and International Law, Organ Sale and Transplant and Human Rights, Deconstructing Gender, Masculinity, Women, Violence and Human Rights, Social Inclusion of LGBTQI, Victim’s Rights are Human Rights, Human Rights in the North East, Biotechnology and Bioethics GMO & Surrogacy, All aboard Surrogacy Express, Consumer Protection and IPR, Media vs Market: Deepening or Diminishing Human Rights, Mental Health;
Inclusion and Intervention, Muslim Backwardness Debate & Minority Rights, Human rights Issues: International Perspective, Sustainable Development & Biodiversity : Tribal rights vis a vis forests, Human Rights & the Police, Police & Human Rights, Disaster Management, Child Rights & New Education Policy, Child Abuse & Child Rights, Human Rights & Multiculturalism, Genocide and the Division of Labour : An Analysis of Alain Rosnais ‘ Night and Fog’, Contemporary Debates around sex workers etc.