‘Kahani Punjab’, new edition released

Aligarh: ‘Kahani Punjab’, the Punjabi language literary magazine committed to explore new frontiers of literature, artistic criticism and aesthetic effect while traversing beyond dimensional and linguistic confines achieved another milestone with the release of the third volume of its 100th edition. It showcases the critical acuity and editing brilliance of Dr Kranti Pal, Department of Modern Indian Languages, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

The magazine, was today released by Prof Shafey Kidwai, Sahita Academy awardee, 2019 and, Chairman, Department of Mass Communication and it was attended by Professor Maula Baksh, Dr Rahat Abrar, Ahmad Rasheed (Short story writer), Omar Peerzada (PRO), and Zeeshan Ahmad (APRO). The magazine is an assemblage of well crafted prose, interviews and dialogues of doyens of Hindi, Urdu and European literature translated into Punjabi.

One of the most absorbing segment of the journal is the Punjabi translation of Hungarian author and Nobel laureate, Imre Kertesz’s novel.

The magazine gives a peek into Imre’s work that upholds the fragile experience of the individual against the barbaric arbitrariness of history, said Dr Kranti Pal.

He added that Kahani Punjab also has Punjabi translation of Syed Asghar Wajahat’s ‘Pakistani Safar Nama’, introducing the Punjabi readers to the great works of the eminent Hindi scholar, fiction writer, novelist, playwright and documentary filmmaker.

“The magazine comprises rare interviews of poets and writers such as Quratul Ain Haider, Moin Ehsan Jazbi, Aal-e-Ahmad Suroor and Shahriyar. Kahani Punjab also has chapters on dialogues of Fyodor Dostoevsky, Balraj Sahni, Intezar Husain, Gagan Gil, Mehtri Pushpa, Joginder Pal and Bipan Chandra,” said Dr Pal.