Korea Maritime & Ocean University: Selected as a College of Mathematics for the 2023-2025 Korea-Japan Joint Higher Education International Student Exchange Project


Our university has been selected as a mathematics university for the ‘2023-2025 Korea-Japan Joint Higher Education International Student Exchange Program ‘ , following the year of 2022 . The selection date is the last 12 days .

The Korea-Japan joint high-education international student exchange project, hosted by the National Institute for International Education of the Ministry of Education, aims to promote friendship between Korea and Japan and foster talented people from Korea and Japan . Universities with competencies that can successfully apply and manage Japanese scholarship students are selected .

The target of the project is outstanding Japanese students, and participating students will complete the ‘ Master ‘s / Ph.D . 3-4 years ‘ and ‘ Undergraduate 1 -year ( exchange students )’ courses at Korea Maritime University, which was selected as a mathematics university .

In addition, scholarship students are selected as the final selection by the National Institute of International Education , and they receive various scholarships such as round-trip airfare , tuition , living expenses , insurance , immigration support, and preparatory education courses ( Korean language training course ) .

As a marine specialized university, our university is conducting academic exchanges with 12 prestigious universities in Japan through continuous and close cooperative relationships . In particular , Tokyo Maritime University, a partner university of the ‘ Campus Asia Korea-Japan-China Project ‘ , and the Department of Maritime Sciences of Kobe University, a member of the Asia Maritime and Fisheries Network Forum, are operating academic and student exchange programs between Korea and Japan .

In 2022 , scholarship students are selected for this project and are currently studying . From August 8 to August 27 , a total of 20 Japanese students are invited to run the ‘ Undergraduate Short-Term Course (3 weeks ) ‘ for three weeks .

President Doh Doe-hee said, “ Despite difficult international conditions such as the COVID- 19 situation, the selection of a mathematics university for the ‘2023-2025 Korea -Japan Joint Higher Education International Student Exchange Project ’ confirms once again our university’s maritime specialization and international status . ” It will become a bridgehead for strengthening the city, ” he said .

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