Korea Maritime & Ocean University: Youth marine career experience program ‘Happy’


The “ Youth Marine Career Experience Program ” operated by our university as one of the free semester systems for middle school has been well received by the participating youth .

This program for middle school students in the area ▲ Creates a hologram of marine life ▲ Creates a sea creature with a 3D pen ▲ Creates your own ocean city in virtual reality ▲ Artificial intelligence (AI) for the sea ▲ Marine drone mission-specific flight, etc. is composed

This program is a method in which real professional instructors visit participating middle schools to provide direct education on career experiences, starting in May and running from time to time until December .

Prior to the start of the experience program, Korea Maritime University received an application for participation through the ‘ Dream Road ‘ site of the Ministry of Education . As a result of the high level of participation, all lecture applications were completed on the same day as 2,000 students from 26 schools participated .

In the future, our university plans to not only plan high-quality educational programs , but also make efforts such as monitoring to ensure smooth operation .

Meanwhile, our university operated five education programs including ‘Let’s Move IoT Convergence Marine Robot’ in the previous year as a free semester program . A total of 1215 students from 17 schools participated, and the satisfaction rate was 94.3 out of 100 .

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