Master class for schoolchildren on creating digital stories

Teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of Humanities O.M. Sherekhova, L.N. Yusupov and O.V. Vikulina met with students of the 11th grade of the Lyceum №1.
This is not the first meeting of PetrSU teachers with schoolchildren of the Lyceum. As tenth graders, the students took part in the Olympiad in regional studies, organized by teachers, and showed excellent results, not yielding to the first-year students of the university in knowledge of the culture and history of the country of the studied language.

The next meeting in the new academic year turned out to be an excellent occasion for awarding diplomas to the winners! 1st place was taken by Lada Tsyba, 2nd place – Vladimir Ignatovich, 3rd place – Nil Ivanov.

The organizers of the competition congratulated the winners, wished to remain active in all spheres of activity, and also invited them to participate in other projects that are being implemented at PetrSU. Within the framework of this meeting, the teachers held a master class “Digital stories in a foreign language”, demonstrating to the students a number of works by students who became winners of various competitions and projects both in their own and in other universities in Russia.

In addition, the teachers presented to the students a YouTube channel , which posted videos of the participants of the project “Unknown Karelia” from different schools of the republic, as well as from PetrSU. Students noted the work of the youngest participants in the project, who are distinguished by their spontaneity and openness.

The teachers told the students about the peculiarities of the PetrSU admission campaign 2021, about the most popular areas of training at the university, about the work of the admissions committee, about the possibility of studying at preparatory courses. Information about the PetrSU website was useful for the students, where you can find any information about the structure of the university, its educational institutions, scientific infrastructure, student associations, international cooperation and much more. The teachers explained to the students how to navigate the site and find what interests you.

Live communication with university professors, open interaction with them very often determines the future path of young people, instills in them confidence, increases motivation to study at the university and makes the thought of the possibility of admission more realistic,

– noted the organizers of the event, thanking Natalya Nikolaevna Ivanova, head of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​at Lyceum No. 1, for cooperation and assistance in organizing the meeting.