Ministry of MSME and IIT Kanpur will support Seven Micro Enterprises to develop path-breaking Design Projects under the MSME Innovative Scheme


Kanpur : Continuing their relentless efforts to convert innovative ideas into path-breaking products/projects, IIT Kanpur’s technology business incubator Startup Incubation and Innovation Centre (SIIC) has partnered with the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India, to facilitate the MSME Design Innovative Scheme and leverage design expertise/design fraternity for the betterment of the Indian Manufacturing Sector. Under this partnership, select startups would be given grant-in-aid for developing prototypes.
The Design Innovative Scheme by the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises, Government of India, provides grants to the final year UG and PG students engaged in design development and MSMEs working in the design domain. The grant for the students is up to Rs. 1.5 Lakh, while it ranges between Rs. 15 to 40 Lakh for the MSMEs. These funds are awarded for one year for the development of select prototypes.
IIT Kanpur is an implementing agency for Design Innovative Scheme by the Ministry of MSME. During the 3rd PMAC (Project Monitoring and Advisory Committee), seven projects by seven enterprises have been approved for prototype development which includes M/S Asatrobo Technologies Pvt. Ltd., M/S Kanpur Writers, M/S Water N Spices Foodsz Pvt. Ltd., Villa Mart Pvt. Ltd., M/S Agronxt Services Pvt. Ltd., M/S LCB Fertilizers Pvt. Ltd, M/S Acquafront Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
These seven enterprises will get the grant-in-aid to develop the following prototypes:
● M/S Asatrobo Technologies Pvt. Ltd: ‘Drones for Drone Light Show’.
The project envisages the design and development of a drone for a drone show that would be compatible with the software from UGCS (a world-leading firm for drone shows).

● M/S Kanpur Writers: ‘Industrial Electronic Controller for Pen Point Welding Machine’. An Industrial Electronic controller based on a high-speed Micro-controller and other cutting-edge components. The proposed device can weld pen point balls up to 1.5mm in diameter.

● M/S Water N Spices Foodsz Pvt. Ltd.: ‘Automatic Stuffing Dispenser, IoT with remote control’.
The automatic Stuffing Dispenser will come with stainless steel food grade 304 bucket and sensor-based nozzles inbuilt with a mixer and grinder, operated by IoT applications to mix, grind and dispense semi-liquid/paste/chutneys and other ingredients.

● Villa Mart Pvt. Ltd.: ‘IoT based portable jaggery maker’.
Portable solution to extract juice and make jaggery at farmers’ places. The juice is filtered through a SS mesh after the extraction, followed by cooking in the designated container.

● M/S Agronxt Services Pvt. Ltd.: ‘Affordable Weather cum Insect monitoring station with Integrated Advisory and Prediction system.’
The product comes with 2G cellular connectivity that sends data to the cloud periodically with data transmission. It is powered using a 7W portable solar panel with 4400mAH 18650 battery, and is equipped with a soil moisture sensor, 5 MP camera, IPX3 and IP65 core electronics components.

● M/S LCB Fertilizers Pvt. Ltd.: ‘Nanocoated seed’
These seeds contain a layer of super-absorbent polymer, reducing the demand for time-to-time irrigation.

● M/S Acquafront Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.: ‘RCC Floating Photo Voltaic (FPV) Beams’
The startup is developing a 100 kWh peak capacity floating Photovoltaic (FPV) grid using glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) floating beams. Solar panels are mounted on top of GFRC floating beams. These beams are filled with Expanded Poly Styrene (EPS) to ensure virtually unsinkable characteristics.

Prof. Ankush Sharma, Prof-in-charge, Innovation and Incubation, IIT Kanpur said, “IIT Kanpur is paving the path to promote the manufacturing industry by developing innovative technologies that will bring a significant global revolution to strengthen the self-reliant initiative.”
Dr. Nikhil Agarwal, CEO SIIC & AIIDE CoE added, “With the great synergy between IIT Kanpur and the Ministry of MSME, we are looking forward to taking a giant leap ahead with their forthcoming MSME Innovative Design Programme MIDP. This initiative will provide an excellent support to budding entrepreneurs.”
Mr. Piyush Mishra, COO, SIIC said, “We are pleased that our startups are being recognised by the Ministry of MSME, and we believe that these notable enterprises will create an everlasting impact in the innovation space through these grants.”
SIIC has been continuously striving to bridge the gap between innovators, startups, and government bodies. The portfolio is currently running with over 155 startups and MSMEs. These startups are developing solutions that are sustainable in nature and enable sound development through their innovative ideas.