Online meeting of the participants of the international project


The first virtual meeting of the participants of the Russia-Germany correspondence project took place.
The project ” Briefwechsel Russland – Deutschland ” is organized by the Department of German and French Languages ​​of the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​of PetrSU.

The meeting was attended by schoolchildren and students from Petrozavodsk (secondary school №3, Lyceum №1, groups 131, 133 of the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​of PetrSU) and 11th grade students of the Waldorf school in Berlin (Freie Waldorfschule Berlin-Südost). The project participants already knew each other in absentia by correspondence, exchanged questionnaires, email addresses and Instagram pages.

The videoconference was attended by 39 participants, communication in German and Russian took place in 3 stages.

They had to introduce themselves in their native language (Muttersprache), each had 5 seconds. Then a game followed: the participants reacted to the phrases spoken in Russian and German (they turned off the screen if the meaning was not true, or left it on otherwise). The third stage – German schoolchildren asked questions in Russian, and participants from Russia answered them and asked a question in German, throwing an imaginary “ball”. Thus, we managed to unite Russian and German learners from two countries. The organizers are planning further meetings on the Internet on more in-depth topics, and of course, the continuation of communication in personal correspondence.

– noted the leaders of the meeting, senior teacher of PetrSU E.A. Yakovleva and the teacher of the Russian language at the Waldorf school Frau Irina Boyt.

I really liked today’s meeting. It was very nice to see those with whom you communicate only online and hear how they live, learn, what interests they have. We talked and were not afraid to make mistakes in speech, because the main thing is to communicate and understand each other, which, fortunately, we have succeeded today. I really enjoyed communicating with the guys, it was an interesting experience.

Das Treffen war wunderschön! Obwohl wir ein bißchen schüchtern waren, haben wir alle Aufgaben gemacht! Wir können solche Treffen öfter organisieren. (The meeting was great! We completed all the tasks! I would like to hold such meetings more often, the guys commented on the meeting.