PetrSU: On the results of the career guidance work of the Department of Management and Social Development for 2020

“Schoolboy-Applicant-Student” – this is the model of career guidance work of the Department of pre-university and career guidance work of PetrSU. It is held in various fields and fields, including a variety of career guidance activities for schoolchildren: scientific, sports or social.
Vocational guidance work with schoolchildren at Petrozavodsk State University is an integral part of the entire work of the university and is actively carried out with the support of all educational institutions and other structural divisions of the university (interdistrict resource centers, student trade union committee, Scientific library, Onego pool, Botanical garden). Career guidance work of the management and the entire university is aimed at popularizing the university and attracting high school students to enroll in PetrSU.

The coronavirus infection, which has affected all spheres of life since the end of March last year, and the measures related to its non-proliferation, have made their own adjustments to the usual face-to-face work with schoolchildren. All face-to-face events were canceled and, if possible, transferred from the end of March 2020 to online or part-time formats (trips, lectures, seminars, webinars, master classes and other career guidance events). I would like to note that at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year we managed to hold several face-to-face meetings with high school students: “One class hour – acquaintance with PetrSU”, “Mobile University” and “One day at the university”, which are very popular in educational institutions of Petrozavodsk,

– said the head of the department Yu.V. Semenova.

The department of pre-university and vocational guidance supports the research activities of schoolchildren, which are aimed at massively attracting students to participate in internal Olympiads, conferences and other intellectual competitions.

During 2020, 19 intellectual competitions were organized and conducted for schoolchildren, including olympiads, conferences, contests and quizzes. 3602 participants took part in them, these are schoolchildren not only from the Republic of Karelia, but also from the Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Leningrad, Moscow and Vologda regions. The winners and awardees of our internal competitions were eligible for additional points upon admission to PetrSU.

It should be noted that the university took part in the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren in general subjects. The municipal and regional stage of the Olympiad was fully carried out with the support of the management and educational institutions, the teaching staff of the university is included in the subject-methodological commissions of the Olympiad, develops tasks and assessment criteria for the municipal stage and ensures the conduct and verification of the regional stage. 801 people took part in the regional stage of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren in the Republic of Karelia in 2020, and 14 schoolchildren from Karelia, representatives of Petrozavodsk, Kondopoga and Sortavala, passed to the final stage of the Olympiad.

During 2020, successful work continued on the implementation of additional educational programs for schoolchildren, including with partners of PetrSU:

MOU “Center for Education and Creativity” Petrovsky Palace “(2 programs, 57 students)
GBOU DO RK RTSRDO “Rovesnik” (6 programs, 134 students)
MOU “House of Creativity No. 2 of Petrozavodsk” (4 programs, 185 students)
8 programs (179 students) have been implemented on the basis of the RC NTTO PetrSU:

Technical creativity, 2 cl.
Fundamentals of Robotics, Class 2
Fundamentals of Robotics, 3-4 cl.
3D-modeling, 4-5 cl.
Robotics, 5-6 cl.
Fundamentals of programming on the Arduino platform, 7-8 grades.
Project activities on the platform “Arduino”, 7-8 class.
Technical creativity, grades 9-11
In a remote format, on the basis of the RC NTTO PetrSU, the program continued to work:

Project activities on the platform “Arduino”, 7-8 class.
Technical creativity, 9-11cl.
In total, 24 additional educational programs were implemented, including distance learning programs (674 participants).

PetrSU was one of the first higher educational institutions to hold an online open day in March 2020, and on December 12, an open door day in the virtual space. In total, more than 50 such online events dedicated to the university and the admissions campaign have been held with a total of over 35,000 views.

During the admissions campaign in 2020, 9416 applications for full-time studies were submitted in 73 areas of bachelor’s and specialty (full-time and part-time), 695 applications for part-time, 750 for magistracy.

4078 people applied for admission to full-time studies (bachelor’s and specialty). (in 2019 – 3961).

2015 people were accepted for the 1st year under the bachelor’s, specialist’s and master’s programs. Of these, 1379 people were enrolled in the full-time department, 106 people were enrolled in the correspondence department within the admission control figures; over the plan of admission 293 (in person) and 237 (in absentia) people.

UDiPR PetrSU with the support of the Laboratory of Sociological Research conducted a sociological survey of freshmen. One of the main goals of the survey of 1st year students is to assess the nature of the pre-university integration of high school students, cooperation with the university prior to admission.

During the monitoring, 1,158 first-year students were interviewed, and more than half of them (51.2%) were included in the activities of the university prior to their admission according to sociological monitoring data.

It is necessary to note the work of the Open University , an important social service for various groups of the population in various areas (history, psychology, philology, psychiatry, etc.) and conducting interesting lectures both in person and remotely on the PetrSU website and on the VKontakte social network with thousands of views.

The main result of career guidance work is that Petrozavodsk State University is open to all age categories, and schoolchildren trust PetrSU, becoming university students, moreover, more than half of those who entered the 1st course in 2020 made their choice only in favor of the flagship university of Karelia, without submitting documents to other higher educational institutions.

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