PetrSU will be involved in the preparation of Karelian projects in the Arctic

Cooperation between the regional government and Petrozavodsk University may include a study of the human resources of the northern regions and the development of agriculture there.
The head of the republic, Artur Parfenchikov, held a meeting at the Innovation-Technological Park of Petrozavodsk University. The participants of the working meeting discussed the issues of interaction between the regional Government and its subordinate organizations with subdivisions of the IT-park of PetrSU.

One of the areas of joint work can be the study of the need for specialists, which arises with the beginning of the implementation of the program for the development of the Arctic zone of Russia. Petrozavodsk University proposes, on the basis of its methodology, to conduct a study of the personnel potential of the regions of Karelia referred to the Arctic.