Results of the seminar on modern health promotion practices

The seminar of the Department of Physical Education of the Institute of Physical Culture and Sports “The use of modern health-improving practices for recovery, rehabilitation and health promotion” was held, which was implemented according to the plan of scientific activities of the Department of Physical Culture within the framework of the project “Breathing on the Path to Health”.
The seminar addressed topical issues related to the health of youth and residents of the northern region; presents a variety of health-improving techniques associated with the restoration and strengthening of the respiratory system, musculoskeletal system and nutrition. Thanks to the online platform, the seminar was able to bring together participants from Ukraine, Murmansk, Kazan, different regions of the Republic of Karelia.

Anastasia Gulyanina (Murmansk) noted:

Thank you so much for the invitation. You are great: you do so much for the students!

Anastasia, being the fitness director of the X-Fit Murmansk club, master trainer, author of rehabilitation programs, a member of the IDEA association; FAI Functional Agin Institute, USA, Los Angeles; Z-Health, Germany, Munich, presented to the attention of the audience an interesting report “Methodological recommendations for the preparation of training programs for breathing exercises.”

A participant from Ukraine, a physiotherapist, a rehabilitation therapist, Maxim Bondar, specializing in problems of the musculoskeletal system, intervertebral hernias, panic attacks, presented a report “The use of a percussion massage gun in the treatment of trigger points”, containing useful information on recovery and rehabilitation for trainers, massage therapists and athletes.

The participants of the seminar were greatly interested in the speech of Lydia Kiznyakova, an entrepreneur, founder and head of the yoga and fitness studio Namasteе, a fitness trainer of international class, who spoke about the methods of physical and spiritual healing, about how to achieve peace of mind, vigor of the body and peace of mind in modern rhythm of life.

The result of the seminar was the speech of a speaker from Kazan, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor of the department of the State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education of the IRO RT A.Kh. Ibatullina, who touched upon the organization of the work of physical education teachers of the university, spoke about the introduction of new methods in the teaching process and their impact on the health of both teachers and students. Albert Halimovich highly appreciated the work of the seminar, the opportunity for cooperation and exchange of experience.

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