School of Information Security invites you to the seminar

On April 24, at 15:00, we invite schoolchildren and students to the Youth Innopark of PetrSU for a seminar on information security.
At the seminar, you will be told about CTF competitions, about solutions to complex and non-trivial problems.

CTF – Capture the Flag – is an international format of competitions that take place in the form of a game, in which teams acquire and demonstrate skills and abilities in the field of informatics and information security. The tasks are grouped into thematic categories: cryptography, steganography, administration, reverse engineering, software and technical expertise, history of computer science, and others.

At the seminar, you will be able to communicate with teachers and senior colleagues, invited guests, gain knowledge in the field of information security, learn about useful tools that are indispensable in solving CTF problems. Graduates of the last season of the School of Information Security will speak at the seminar.

You can get detailed information or ask a question to the organizers in the School group on VKontakte .

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