SKKU: SKKU announces plans for new CNS research center and Fab Lab

Sungkyunkwan University (President Dong-Ryeol Shin) announces that it held a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the CNS research center and Fab Lab with Yuhan (CEO Wook-je Cho) and IMNEWRUN (Han-joo Kim) on the 9th of December at Sungkyunkwan University’s Natural Science Campus.

On September 2021, SKKU, Yuhan and IMNEWRUN signed a three-way agreement to build CNSR&BD Ecosystem based on Industrial-Academic Convergence and has proceeded new construction of CNS research center and Fab Lab.

They plan to establish cutting-edge research facilities and animal testing center to lead future promising fields such as neuroscience. Additionally, Yuhan Biopharmaceutical Research Institute and IMNEWRUN Research Institute will be relocated, and Sungkyunkwan University plans to establish a new department to train global creative leaders.

Through their plan, the three institutions expect to leap into a global leading group by establishing top-notch CNS research capabilities and infrastructure and creating a sustainable industry-academic convergence ecosystem.

The CNS research center and Fab Lab will be connected and the building will have 8 stories above ground and 3 stories below ground. This building is expected to become one of the landmark buildings for Sungkyunkwan University’s Natural Science Campus, and is planned to be completed by June 2024.

Jun-young Kim, a Chairman of Board, said “It is such a meaningful day for new day for the construction of the CNS Research Center and Fab Lab with world-class companies Yuhan and IMNEWRUN. I expect that this research lab will promote cutting-edge research and pioneer the future of biotech and science in the field of neuroscience as a platform to cultivate talented people.”

Dong-Ryeol Shin, Sungkyunkwan University President, said “The new CNS Research Center and Fab Lab will serve as a stepping stone for research on brain diseases to develop the national bio-industry and promote human health. Sungkyunkwan University will fully support research institutes to create world-class research results and foster creative talents.”

Wook-je Cho, CEO of Yuhan, said “I believe that the CNS Research Center will be a starting point for creating a future-oriented industry-academic convergence brain disease R&BD ecosystem and establishing a differentiated industry-academic convergence platform, and I am certain that it will secure a new innovative growth driver between SKKU, Yuhan and IMNEWRUN.

Han-joo Kim, CEO of IMNEWRUN, who will move into the CNS Research Center, said “Starting with the establishment of the CNS Research Center, we will complete the creation of a sustainable industry-academic convergence ecosystem that combines the capabilities of companies and universities. IMNEWRUN will contribute to the national bio-industry through continuous development of original technology and new drug development in the field of advanced biotechnology.”