‘Suicide Prevention Day’ observations at AMU



Aligarh : Faculty members and students of the Department of Psychiatry, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (JNMC), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) called for eliminating stigma and give a clear message that suicides can be avoided in the ‘Suicide Prevention Day’ observations.

“Every suicide has a significant effect on the people in the area. We can lower the number of suicides worldwide by increasing knowledge and removing the stigma associated with it, and promoting informed action”, said Prof S A Azmi (Chairman, Department of Psychiatry).

Dr M Reyazuddin emphasised: Suicide is multifactorial which can be caused due to mental health issues and even other problems such troubles related to property, unemployment, psychosocial conflicts and relationship among complications.

Dr. Faisal Shaan delivered a short power presentation on the strategies to prevent suicide.

Later a quiz competition was also held in which Syed Farheen Sultan, Md Zeeshan, Noor Mohammed and Samiuddin Khan were declared the winners.

Dr Zeba Khan and Hamza were also given special prizes for suggesting best measures to reduce suicide cases among college going students.

Dr Jitendra Kumar extended the vote of thanks.

In another programme to observe the ‘Suicide Prevention Day’ at the Rural Health and Training Centre, Jawan; Department of Community Medicine and Department of Psychiatry faculty members and doctors collaborated to organise a week-long ‘Suicide Prevention’ awareness event.

On the occasion, Prof Saira Mehnaz (Chairperson, Department of Community Medicine) pressed for effective suicide prevention strategies to be adopted.

Dr Uzma Eram and Dr Tabassum Nawab stressed on immediate adaptation of suicide prevention measures like the restriction of access to lethal means, ensuring chain of care, depression treatment and school-based universal prevention.

Dr Jitendra Kumar called for open conversations and discussions around suicide and anxiety and offering a non-judgemental listening service to distressed people.

Manawar Ahmad extended the vote of thanks.


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