Ural Federal University: Student Patent Bureau to Be Established at University


On the initiative of the UrFU Innovation Infrastructure, a Student Patent Bureau, a project office, is being created, where students can gain knowledge and practical skills in the field of intellectual property protection. In addition, this is an opportunity to master the challenging profession of a patent practitioner in less than a year, and without having to take a break from their studies.

“The students will be taught by professional specialists from the Ekaterinburg Patent Bureau. Among other things, there will be an introductory online course on working with intellectual property. Every student who wants to get involved in the work of the bureau has to fill out an application including a resume and a motivation letter, undergo testing and a face-to-face interview. As a result, students will be selected who will get a new profession at the bureau,” said Pavel Lyubushkin, specialist of the UrFU Office of Innovations and Development.

In addition to gaining knowledge and skills in the field of intellectual property protection, each graduate of the bureau will be able to identify intellectual property and apply for a patent, as well as have the opportunity to qualify for increased scholarships at UrFU.

“Development topics and potential objects of intellectual property will be borrowed from real contracts between UrFU and business. The bureau’s work is purely practice-oriented,” explained Pavel Lyubushkin.

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