Ural Federal University: Ural Federal University Demographic Research School Recognized as One of the Leading Schools in Russia

The application of Professor Anna Bagirova, Deputy Director for Science and Innovation at the Graduate School of Economics and Management, was submitted to the Grants Council of the President of the Russian Federation and supported. For the third time, the Ural Federal University Demographic Research School under Bagirova’s leadership has been recognized as a leading research school in Russia.

Over the next two years researchers at the university will be researching the institutions that support Russia’s pronatalist policies and their potential impact on increased birth rate. The project team includes demographers, economists, and sociologists who work on the issues of birth rate, parenthood, and parental labor. The research team works in the Department of Sociology and Public and Municipal Administration Technologies and the Department of Economics and Management at Metallurgucal and Machine-Building Enterprises.

“Another victory of the school became possible with the support that was created for the development of our research topics in the School of Public Administration and Entrepreneurship and UrFU as a whole. The supported project is entirely in line with UrFU’s positioning as the country’s and the world’s leading center for social policy research. During the project, we will study several social institutions, which currently have insufficient potential to support the pronatalist state policy, and based on this research we will develop mechanisms to optimize the demographic policy implemented in our country,” says Anna Bagirova.

The Grants Council of the President of the Russian Federation for the social and humanities sciences supported 10 leading scientific schools in the country for the years 2022-2023.

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